Hionos x Abionica

Hionos -company specialized in certified flight controller software solutions for manned and unmanned aircrafts-, signs a Collaboration Agreement with Abionica Solutions -specialized company in systems engineering, avionics and UAVs certification support-, to offer to their customers a unique joint services guaranteeing the success of their UAS projects.

The collaboration between Abionica and Hionos achieves to assist customers in the entire UAS project life-cycle and covers the specific needs of safety-critical systems development, both at high and low level, respectively. Those joint services offer to the customer a unique value proposition that guarantees the optimization of resources and time, the reliability of proposed solutions, and the success of the project.

Abionica Solutions is an engineering company with proven expertise in systems engineering, avionics and UAS Certification in the UAV industry. Abionica gained international overview working on large-scale projects, such as TARGUS OPV – the biggest drone to obtain the Airworthiness Certification in Spain. Due to its experience and know-how, the Spanish company will provide services during system definition and design phases, and certification support for their UAS customers.

Hionos is a French company gathering safety-critical software engineers with sound experience in DO-178C software development, for avionics and drone industry. Hionos develops highly reliable software solutions for drones. In this context, Hionos will work with the customer during prototyping phases; and as long as the project requires it, they will share their Pulsar Factory framework with Abionica to integrate it into the UAS development process. Pulsar Factory is a solution which allows the manufacturer to customize Hionos certified autopilot (Pulsar) to easily integrate specific models, such as control and command laws of the dedicated drone, to make rapid prototypes and flight tests.

Abionica and Hionos join forces to work together on the following segments: General Aviation Avionics, Manned to Unmanned conversions, Certified Category UAVs, and Air Taxi in Urban Air Mobility context. Both companies share capabilities to make a joint bit in the development of critical avionics systems for the unmanned aviation sectors.


Antonio Bedmar is an Aerospace Engineer with MSc in Aerospace Dynamics (University of Cranfield), with more than 12 years of experience in UAVs industry.

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