Consultancy and training services

Here in ABIONICA we provide the technical support and consultancy services that our clients require toward successful product development and operation. We are experienced with design, development, integration and verification processes of systems and solutions for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in both military and civil frameworks.

We employ System Engineering processes that help elaborating system requirements and design, as well as predicting cost, time and resources, in order to provide the right information to project planning activities. By following traditional “V-Cycle” combined with innovative project and team management approaches, we adjust the processes to our customer needs. This guarantees that the end product is manufactured, simulated or generated in-line with company and customer requirements with the correct level of safety, reliability, functionality and performance.

The services we offer are the following:

Systems Engineering and Project Management.

We provide support on Systems Engineering and Project Management activities to our clients. Our project management and monitoring are performed by means of PMP certified professionals, providing the highest level of standardized project documentation. Our Systems Engineers have worked mainly in defense and aerospace industries and are able to adapt the project to the required approach to overcome the desired system objectives.

Advisory services.

We provide our clients with the required technical guidance, feasibility studies and technical due diligence to their suppliers.

Certification and Airworthiness.

Apart from our technical knowledge we gather vast experience in certification of unmanned systems, which allow us to provide our clients with the required vision for them to achieve their desired product objectives successfully.


We provide professional advice and solutions to our clients, also, specialized support and supervision so that their UAS obtain CE Certification.

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Our professionals are used to customize and deliver training lectures for our clients in the areas of unmanned technology and systems engineering.

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