Aerospace-grade Flight Control System Development

The Flight Control System is one of the most critical parts in a UAV. It is widely considered as key to make the right decisions in order to avoid risks from the very beginning, comply with aerospace standards, and more importantly provide a reliable solution to the customer. In ABIONICA, we are used to the process of covering the different steps for a successful FCS. Either for an Unmanned Aircraft System under UAV specific category or UAV certified category.

Our know-how permits the accomplishment of early stage solutions in a very short time, and opens the pace for customized products from third parties.

Our services are framed as per the following development process:

1. Flight Control Systems requirements

The FCS requirements come after the breakdown of the UAS requirements. In this first stage, we identify and formalize the requirements with higher or lower detail depending on UAS project maturity level. This phase requires fluent communication with the customer to gather and validate all the system requirements and acquire project vision alignment.

2. Flight Control System architecture

Preliminary architecture is designed and proposed fulfilling project and UAS objectives.

3. Flight Control System development

The agreed architecture is then developed.

4. Flight Control System integration, verification and validation

The system is integrated in the UAV, tested and validated in flight. Software in the Loop and Hardware in the Loop simulations are normally required during these activities.

The benefits of our process in comparison with the black box approach from most of the Flight Control System/ Flight Control Computer manufacturers are:

The customer has full control of the solution. The solution will be compliant with high level and safety requirements, and can be adapted to almost any aerial platform.

Reduced Time-to-Fly. Some of our customers need a flying platform in a very short time. Taking the advantage of our models and control solutions our customers can have.

Agile and incremental development approach. We have embraced Agile and Test Driven Development processes that give use the capability to provide incremental functionalities to the aerial platform in a very flexible way and in accordance with our customer’s needs.

Early identification and mitigation of project risks. The FCS interfaces with almost every system of the UAV. So, decisions made for the Flight Control System development may impact the development of the rest of the airborne equipment and unmanned aerial vehicle performance. Having an early view coming from the experience of ABIONICA’s team will save customer’s time and money.

Airworthiness Certification Standards process. Depending on the certification plan and system requirements the process may need to developed in compliance with ARP4754A, DO254 and DO178C.

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