CE marking for UAVs

According to the Delegated Regulation (EU) 2019/945 of the Commission of March 12, 2019, on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles of the European Commission, as of January 2023, only drones that have the CE Marking Certification can be sold.

CE Certification is a mark that UAV manufacturers use to indicate the safety of their products, their quality and that they are adapted to legal and technical requirements imposed by the European Commission, for their commercialization in the EU.

On the other hand, UAS operators that obtain the CE Marking for their fleet of UAVs, will guarantee an offer of safe and quality services for their clients, demonstrating professionalism and complying with the new European regulations in their daily operations.

From ABIONICA, we accompany you throughout the CE Certification process of your UAV and provide you with solutions and developments according to your needs so that you comply with all the quality standards dictated by the New European Civil Drones Regulations.



In this first phase, we detailed check the product candidate for CE Certification. The ABIONICA team reviews the documentation presented, compliance with quality requirements and standards, and identifies the needs that must be known for the product to be certifiable.

2. Evaluation

You will receive an evaluation report with the results of the product status, the hits and gaps detected, and a solution proposal according to the identified needs that have to be covered to obtain the CE Certification.

3. Solution

 If you want to continue with the certification process with us, Abionica will advise you to cover the specific needs that your UAV requires.

a. Preliminary design: A specialized team from ABIONICA works on all possible solutions that can cover the deficiencies of your UAV and defines the most optimal and compatible with your system.

b. Detailed design: At this point, all the plans, parameters, requirements, technicalities and other details that make up the solution proposed in the preliminary design are defined with total precision, always taking into account the main objective, obtaining the CE Certification of your vehicle.

c. Solution implementation: Finally, you can implement the recommendations internally under our support and supervision, or we can accompany you throughout the solution management process.

4. Advice from the certifying entity

ABIONICA can take charge of recommending trustworthy certifying entities, and take care of the administrative process, which includes the delivery of documentation and technical support in case needing any adjustment or revision for certification.

5. CE Certification

Once finished with the administrative phase, your UAS will be ready to obtain CE Certification, which allows your product to be commercialized throughout the European Union in compliance with the law.

These are some of the benefits of carrying out your CE certification process with us:

 Personalized advice: Abionica Solutions accompanies you throughout the process so you will be supported by our experts. We will help you solve any step of the process in the most convenient way for your product and company.

Experience: We are a company with extensive experience in the aeronautical sector. For years we have satisfied the market requirements, that allow us to provide specific solutions, knowing first-hand the regulations of the State Agency for Aviation Safety.

CE Certification: Only through CE Marking will you be able to market your UAVs safely within the European Union, guaranteeing the quality of your UAS to your clients. So that they feel safe to recommend your product.

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