In ABIONICA, we design, develop and integrate the customized control systems our clients need for their unmanned aerial system.

Our experts work developing flight dynamics models, guidance, navigation and control laws for aerial vehicles, while following the state of the art model-based design approach.

We provide advice and professional services to our clients, giving support to their decisions and contributing to their products and program.

Business Cases

Flight Control System Design and Integration

Our customers identified the need to select and integrate the flight and ground control systems into their unmanned platforms and trusted on us to support their decisions.

In ABIONICA, our professionals have executed the complete design and development of ad hoc flight control systems for rotary and fixed wing aircrafts, from hardware design to the flight control laws. Thanks to our experience we can mitigate risks while speeding up the design and integration processes of your product.

If your organization identifies the need to integrate your control systems and does not know whether to purchase it, develop it your own or customize any solution of the shelf, contact us and we will study your case.

Aircraft Modeling and Simulation

Some UAV manufacturers consider the use of high fidelity aircraft models and simulations as the basis for the development of complex products such as UAVs.

Accurate models are very valuable during verification and validation, supporting the so-called Model Based Design and Model Based Systems Engineering processes. Besides, every Software and Hardware in the Loop Simulations must be fed by full aircraft and environment models that mimic the actual behavior of the aerial platform.

We provide our customers with the system and aircraft models they need, using the level of fidelity requested.

Handling Quality Assessment

Our customers have relied on us for the assessment of their vehicle flying and handling qualities, and listen to our recommendations for improvement.

We normally offer our customers the independent evaluation of the flying and handling qualities of the aerial platform as a continuous support along the project life cycle, gathering data from simulation, wind tunnel testing or flight tests.

In some cases, we are also requested to provide some advice to modify their control strategy or guidance with the objective to improve their vehicle’s performance.

Optionally Piloted Vehicle references

Some unmanned aircraft systems are based on small traditional manned aircrafts saving money and time on the design and production phases.

ABIONICA works in the development of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and Optionally Piloted Vehicles (OPV) using general aviation aircrafts. We support the conversion works and planning activities with focus on the desired final product specifications and its operation.

Maintain the airworthiness of the original aircraft while modifying the control chain, adding sensors or perform the safety assessment of the final system architecture are part of the works we provide support on.


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