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We develop customized solutions for any UAV (fixed wing, multirotor, helicopter, VTOL fixed wing, captive drone, eVTOL, OPV ...) and mission (parcel delivery, air traffic management, first aid, search and rescue, security, border surveillance, airtaxi ...), focusing on UAS Security and following the UAS Regulation and Certification standards.

Why Abionica Solutions

Antonio Bedmar

Antonio Bedmar


Aerospace Engineer with MSc in Aerospace Dynamics.

+ 10 years of national & international experience developing UAVs/RPAS & Flight Control Systems.

David Rodríguez

David Rodríguez


Telecommunications Engineer with MSc in Automatization of process & PhD in Advance Electronic Systems.

+ 7 years of experience in SW & HW, designing sensorial systems to control autonomous vehicles.

Cristina Quiñonero

Cristina Quiñonero


International Relations’ University Degree and MSc in Foreign Trade.

+ 2 years of international experience in business development, working also in UAS’ industry.

What our clients say?

“During these months of collaboration, Abionica Team has been able to demonstrate its capabilities and a deep knowledge of UAV Regulation and Certification, and I am confident in the great potential of our work together”.

Miguel Ángel de Frutos Carro
CTO UAV Navigation
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“Having engaged with Abionica on several moonshot solutions, we have been amazed by their commitment, diligence, leadership and professionalism. They are always around, they are 1st to respond, they are quick to act and most importantly – they possess expert knowledge. Can’t wait to have another project together with Abionica”.

Donatas Gendvilas
CEO and Chief Engineer Altitude-Hold LLC
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“In the many occasions I have had the opportunity to work with Abionica I have verified their concern for quality processes and reliability of their developments. These aspects together with a sound knowledge of the UAS state of the art, make Abionica a reference company.It is always a pleasure to work with Abionica”.

José Luís Lázaro Galilea
Director Grupo GEINTRA de la Universidad de Alcalá de Henares (UAH)
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“As Abionica’s customer, I value their expertise in flight control systems for UAVs, and their systems engineering support and work in modelling and simulation. The experience and technical knowledge of Abionica’s Team is on the level as their efficiency and flexibility”.

Waldemar Schäfer
CTO Argus Aviation Technologies
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“The Abionica team is made up of very professional and technically competent people. They are easy to work with and always focus on providing added value to the projects. They have all the knowledge and experience necessary to carry out all the objectives defined. I am sure we will collaborate together really soon again”.

Ruth Muleiro Alonso
European Project Assistant at Gardian
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Abionica Solutions joins the effort of a team of professionals specialized in several areas with many years of experience in aviation towards the integration and development of avionic systems for unmanned aerial systems’ manufacturers and operators.


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